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Brussels, Belgium

I inspire and help you in your trips to Belgium. My goal is to avoid any surprises once you land in this beautiful and small country. My speciality is the preparation of tours all over the country. I can guide you through the Belgian streets, museums, bars, chocolate paradises and other places of interest. I want my services to be cultural, responsible and engaged with the local people. I already have a few ideas on how to improve that "tourists-inhabitants" relationship and I also work with local non-profit associations and businesses.

In a more personal way, but also related with this nice job of guiding strangers from all over the world, I am a crazy learner of history (specially European history), art, literature, comics (long life to Marvel), languages (you can contact me in English, French, Spanish or Dutch; now I am trying to learn Japanese), philosophy, sociology, politics, videogames and so on! Above all, I have tons of curiosity about everything that surrounds me.

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